Event for the period 29.01.2024 (January) of KVK Undi




Event:Training programme on hygienic drying and value addition to fish and prawn at KVK,Undi 

Date: 29.01.2024

Activity details

1.conducted training programme on hygienic drying of fish and prawn

2.Awareness on value addition to fish and prawn

Staff involved

Dr.N.Mallikharjuna rao,PC

Dr.N.Deborah messiana,PS(Csc)


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Event for the period 22.12.2023 (December) of KVK Undi




Event: Orientation programme on MGNREGA- Project UNNATI Skilling for self employment to 60


targeted NREGS job card holders under Mahatma Gandhi


NREGA programme

Venue: KVK,Undi

Date : 22.12.23

Participants type & No: 60 NREGA job card holders

Activity Details:

1. Created awareness on different trainings to be organized at KVK for targeted NREGS job card


holders who have completed 100 days of employment.

2.Discussion with Participants regarding training needs

Staff involved :

Dr.N.Mallikharjuna rao,PC


J.kanakadurga,APD,capacity building

V.Vijaya lakshmi,APD




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Event for the period 25.08.2023 (August) of KVK Undi


Field visit to siddapuram village and data collection on extension study of Constraint analysis of direct sowing in paddy in west godavari district

Date: 25.08.2023

Participants type: AO, VAA,Farmers

Activity details:
1.Visited direct sown paddy fields of siddapuram village
2.Interacted with farmers about constraints in direct sowing in paddy
3.visited RBK

KvK Scientist involved
Dr.N.Mallikharjuna Rao,PC

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Significant events for the period from 26.9.2020 to 25.10.2020  (October) of KVK Undi


02.10.2020: Celebration  of Mahatama Gandhi 150th Birthday at KVK Undi 


03.10.2020: Programme Coordinator and all scientist of KVK attended meeting on interaction with KVKs by Hon’ble Agriculture minister through WebEx flat form 


5.10.20 to 7.10.20:Dr N.Deborah Messiana, SMS (Home Science), KVK, Undi attended International webinar on Moringa- A Super food Boon to mankind organized by Horticulture college Research Institute, TANU,Periyakulam.


 8.10.2020: conducted Auction for coconut, Sapota Orchard and Old Gunny bags at KVK seminar hall. Committee members represented by Associate Director of Research of Dr Nanda Kishore, Sr Scientist, Assistant Comptroller, Progarmme coordinator and SMS (Horticulture)


15.10.2020: Dr N.Deborah Messiana, SMS (Home Science), Smt R.Bindu Praveena SMS (Horticulture) organized Mahila Kisan Diwas at Mastyapuri village and distributed vegetable kits and also attended and organized Webinar to Extension functionaries in view of Mahila Kisan Diwas with collaboration with Reliance foundation.



 15.10.2020: Attended virtual meeting webinar on Women Farmers engineered a new age farming transformation organized by ICAR- ATARI, Pune in view of Mahila Kisan Diwas. 


15.10.2020: conducted Diagnostic field visits flood effected paddy fields at Undi and Akiveedu division


16.10.2020: Dr N.Deborah Messiana, SMS (Home Science), Sri M V Krishanji, SMS (Extension), Sri A.Srinivasa Rao, SMS (Fish) and Sri V.Ramesh,RA (Crop Production) attended virtual meeting organized by ICAR-FAO in view of World Food Day on October 16,2020.



17.10.2020: SMS (Home science), SMS (Extension) and SMS (Fishery Science), RA (Crop Protection) conducted RAWEP Review to BSc Ag students of Srikakulam Ag. college


17.10.2020: Smt R.Bindu Praveena SMS (Horticulture) Attended National webinar on Emerging Agri-Tech companies, Agri start-up - FPOs – an opportunity for rural youth organised by ANGRAU and ICAR NAHEP- TNAUVAS Virtual sensitization programme on Knowledge management in the  Network digital Environment  for ANGRAU & DR YSRHU.


19.10.2020: Smt R.Bindu Praveena SMS (Horticulture) Attended National webinar on Micro irrigation - improved efficiency in farming organised under IDP-ANGRAU.


20.10.2020: SMS (Home science), SMS (Horticulture) and RA (Crop Production) organized Training cum awareness progarmme on Soil test based nutrition management sponsored by NFL at Kakaraparru village


21.10.2020: SMS (Home science), SMS (Extension) and SMS (Horticulture), RA (Crop protection) RA (Crop production) conducted RAWEP Review to BSc Ag students of Bapatla Ag. College



22.10.2020: Smt.R.Bindu Praveena Subject Matter Specialist (Horticulture), Dr. K. Anil Kumar, Research Associate (Plant Protection) the team comprising of KVK, Undi visited Narsapuram sub divisions of Ramannapalem, K.P Palem and Perupalem to monitor the crop condition during recent heavy rains.  


23.10.2020:Dr. N. Mallikharujun Rao, Programme Coordinator and V. Ramesh, R.A. (Crop production) attended diagnostic field visit along with Sceintist, RARS, Maruteru and Dept. of Agriculture Officers …….. 


23.10.2020: SMS (Home science), SMS (Extension) conducted RAWEP Review to BSc.Ag students of Srikakulam Ag. College.