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        T 1 = Before Growing the Nutritional Garden

        T 2 = After Growing the Nutritional Garden

Growing a Nutritional Garden is to provide the nutritional food to farm women and their family members  to improve the intake of nutritious food.

Before growing Nutritional Garden per week the vegetable consumption is for only one or two time. After growing Nutritional Garden per week vegetable consumption is increased to four times and frequently they can consume the vegetables.  


Minikit Trials



Castor hybrid, PCH -111  obtained 1125kg/ha with an additional income of Rs. 16625/ha than growing monocropping of rainfed grounnut in 4 locations

Performance  of groundnut variety, K-1535 was tested in two locations and it was recorded pod yield of  938 kg/ha and 34.96 percent higher yield than JL-24.However, shelling percentage is very low i.e 48 percent only.

Performance of cowpea variety, TPTC-29  recorded 745 kg/ha with an incresed yield of 21.6 percent than than local varieties in 10 locations.

Field bean variety ,T.F.B-2 recorded green pod yield of 1938 kg/ha and 14 percent higher yield than local varieties in 10 locations.