Crop Production



Trial. 1/FLD/KVK/KLK/Kharif/2012

Popularization of intercropping in groundnut with redgram

Intercropping of rainfed groundnut (Dharani) with redgram (TRG-38) obtained an additional  income of Rs.12290/ha and benefit cost ratio of 1.54 compared to sole groundnut crop during kharif 2012.


Trial. 2/FLD/KVK/KLK/Kharif/2012

Crop diversification in groundnut with redgram

Redgram (TRG-38) recorded the seed yield of 865kg/ha with an additional income of Rs 16825/ha and benefit cost ratio of 2.16 than monocropping of groundnut in westren mandals of chittoor Dt during kharif,2012


Trial. 3/FLD/KVK/KLK/Rabi/2012

Popularization of chemical weed management for the control of weeds in sugarcane

 popularization of chemical weed management in sugarcane. At present the crop is at 45-50DAP. Post emergence herbicides  will be distributed during the last week of March,2013.

Plant Protection



Trial. 1/FLD/KVK/KLK/Kharif/2012

Mangement of Leaf miner in groundnut

To control groundnut leaf miner, intercropping with jowar at 7:1 ratio and arranging pheromone traps @ 4/acre were followed and the farmer got nearly 10,150/- rupees net income per hectare.